V17-2 05/2017

Quantity Systems with 3D Lines

Clear and convenient determination of quantities with 3D lines.

V17-2 05/2017

New Features Sheet Metal Components

Cut to size profiles for panels and sheet metal panels; enhancements for the Profile Editor.

V17-2 05/2017

BIM with SEMA - Further Enhancement of the IFC Interface

Import and export of standardized steel profiles; import and export of properties into and from the SEMA ML tab.

V17-2 05/2017

New Features Roof/Floor-Placing of Elements

Editing of timbers and macros in the top view of elements.

V17-2 05/2017

Important Details for Timber Construction

Rotated walls and multi-walls and their belonging to the original wall, exchanging the symbolism and effect of macros in views and much more.

V17-1 12/2016

Stairs Adaption using the Circle Method

New rule of measurement for smooth adaption and additional safety.