Workshop with Roof Trusses

PDF: Plan Roof Trusses


Video 1: Storeys and Ground Plate

for customers with a Maintenance Contract Pro, + schools

Video 2: Profile and Roof Design

Video 3: Enter Roof Truss

Video 4: Modify Roof Truss

Video 5: Copy C-Plane

Video 6: Exterior Walls

Video 7: Modify Walls

Video 8: Timber Frame Construction

Video 9: Rafters

Video 10: Middle Post

Video 11: Divide Gable Wall

Video 12: Constr. Gable Wall a

Video 13: Constr. Gable Wall b

Video 14: Constr. Gable Wall c

Video 15: Door and Window

Video 16: Save Window Makro

Video 17: Posts Gable Wall

Video 18: Middle Post

Video 19: Gusset Plate

Video 20: Drillings

Video 21: Element at Eaves with 3D-Object

Video 22: Bracing

Video 23: Bracing Ridge

Video 24: Lap-jointed Purlin

Video 25: Modify top view settings