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What customers say about SEMA and our software solutions.


Point cloud from 3D laserscan

"The things that have been made possible by SEMA since the release of Version 19-2 in terms of 3D point clouds – no other timber construction software can do this!
The point cloud is read in quickly and smartly – the amount of data is negligible. Whether the point cloud contains 7 billion or twice as many points does not matter for the performance in the SEMA program. [...]"
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Ultra-HD 4K

"I have been using a 4K Ultra HD monitor since the release of V18-1 and I am totally overwhelmed. The images in the SEMA program are razor sharp - the display of dimensionings is crystal-clear and ..."
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Change to SEMA

"... but also the perfect and competent support for SEMA users – both in the form of training and the hotline provided. Whether via telephone or remote control – the SEMA hotline team is continuously there for you to find solutions to any customer requests ..."
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