Customer voices

What customers say about SEMA and our software solutions.


Simplified design process

"Since it is possible to convert CAD lines into bending profiles, the components can be positioned directly at the desired point of use in the project. This further simplifies the design process, making our entire design process even more dynamic [...]"
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Clear construction process and high degree of accuracy

"This whole process depends a lot on good planning and detailed documentation. It really helps to use a specialised system such as SEMA [....]"
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Optimization of the project planning process

"The new features such as the spacing of fascia and wall coverings with mountings and splice plates in one operation, help us greatly in optimizing our planning process. The possibility of producing sheet metal profiles directly at the desired position at any point in the project planning is another great feature [...] "
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3D Laser Scan + Use of Point Clouds

"The precision provided by a point cloud is really enormous – I can even use it to plan and construct in virtual reality. [...]
Another advantage is that I can present great visualisations to my customers using the 3D view of the project. [...]"
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Change to SEMA

"... but also the perfect and competent support for SEMA users – both in the form of training and the hotline provided. Whether via telephone or remote control – the SEMA hotline team is continuously there for you to find solutions to any customer requests ..."
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3D laser scanning and point clouds

[...] Measurement via laser scanning is possible with just 1 person on the construction site. You don't need ladders, scaffolds or strings. Where there used to be at least 2 oersons required for measuring large buildings, working for about 3 days, this can all be done by myself in just a day. What's more, there are no more problems with twisted numbers or forgotten dimensions. There are no more transcription errors and no more confusing sketches! [...]
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Point cloud from 3D laserscan

"The things that have been made possible by SEMA since the release of Version 19-2 in terms of 3D point clouds – no other timber construction software can do this!
The point cloud is read in quickly and smartly – the amount of data is negligible. Whether the point cloud contains 7 billion or twice as many points does not matter for the performance in the SEMA program. [...]"
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Ultra-HD 4K

"I have been using a 4K Ultra HD monitor since the release of V18-1 and I am totally overwhelmed. The images in the SEMA program are razor sharp - the display of dimensionings is crystal-clear and ..."
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