Point cloud from 3D laserscan

"I have been working with 3D scans and various programs for editing and processing point clouds for many years. The things that have been made possible by SEMA since the release of Version 19-2 in terms of 3D point clouds – no other timber construction software can do this! The point cloud is read in quickly and smartly – the amount of data is negligible. Whether the point cloud contains 7 billion or twice as many points does not matter for the performance in the SEMA program. This is unique and, therefore, has a really huge advantage over all other CAD programs!

The representation and processing of the 3D point cloud in SEMA is ingenious. I don't know any other program in the field of timber construction or architecture which can render 3D point clouds so precisely and smoothly for further processing.

All measurements are controllable all the time – the scan data in the point cloud always fit 100 % – and even with millimetre precision. Differences or deviations between planning and reality are a thing of the past with this technology. 

After all, the goal is to create plans from the data scanned and components suitable for reality. And this can be done excellently with SEMA."

Roger Bihlmaier
Master carpenter and owner of 3D Laserscan.