3D Laser Scan + Use of Point Clouds

I work a lot with 3D point clouds when planning and constructing buildings and here it doesn't matter if it's a new building or an addition or a conversion. My projects are measured with a 3D laser scanner and then the scans, merged to form the point cloud, are imported into my SEMA program.

The precision provided by a point cloud is really enormous – I can even use it to plan and construct in virtual reality. All dimensions fit exactly, which gives me a very high level of security. Since the construction site exists in the program in a digital form, there is no need for me to drive to the site for a second or third time due to some missing dimensions I might have forgotten to measure - everything I have measured is available in the point cloud.

Working with a point cloud is safe, efficient and time-saving even in rather small projects.  Another advantage is that I can present great visualisations to my customers using the 3D view of the project. A building owner gets an exact idea of how the final project will look.“

Martin Röhrig, timber construction planner