3D laser scanning and point clouds

"In the many years I have been in the carpentry trade (with the title of master craftsman since 2004) I have planned and prepared many renovations, conversions and new buildings. One thing has always come true: The more detailed the site is measured, the more precise and simple the work preparation is.

The first time I came into contact with laser scanning was in 2016. I was totally fascinated by the level of detail and accuracy of this measuring method. As a service provider, I have been offering laser scans with my company 'SCAN auf Maß' since 2019 - the scans are recorded with my FARO laser scanner. Using this 3D data as a basis, I employ the software from the Pointcab company to create a 3D point cloud, which my customers can then import into their CAD software.

This laser technology makes my work as a freelancer and work planner in a carpentry much easier: Measurement via laser scanning is possible with just 1 person on the construction site. You don't need ladders, scaffolds or strings. Where there used to be at least 2 oersons required for measuring large buildings, working for about 3 days, this can all be done by myself in just a day. What's more, there are no more problems with twisted numbers or forgotten dimensions. There are no more transcription errors and no more confusing sketches! A lot of money and cost is saved by using the measuring method via 3D scanner - the error rate is reduced to almost zero.

A huge plus is the accuracy in surveying - everything is recorded exactly the way it is - after all, most often things are not at an angle, in plumb or in balance. In our carpentry we have been working with the SEMA program for more than 20 years now and we are very happy with the program - for me, as a work planner, this technology is certainly the most innovative new feature I've seen in the past few years. Reading-in the point cloud into the SEMA program brings the perfect reproduction of the site onto my computer - I can't imagine any better basis for work preparation."

Christian Appelhans, owner of the 'SCAN auf Maß' company