SEMA leads the way to the future

The SEMA Group begins the year 2021 with the following key statement: A strong team and regular program maintenance is the basis for all further developments.


2020 was a historic year for SEMA - a further record year with innovative changes. In May, we moved to our new headquarters in Wildpoldsried. With 1,800 sqm, the new state-of-the-art office building provides enough space for all departments and two large training rooms. Shortly after, SEMA bought the company WGsystem GmbH; WGsystem software solution for office organization, order management and calculation completes the SEMA product range perfectly. With the management board now extended with the addition of Mr. Sräga and Mr. Wasser, we are well prepared for the future.


Since summer, SEMA has a new management structure. VIA equity and LEA Partners in the background and the managing partner and CEO Alexander Neuss brought new impulsions and dynamism to the SEMA group. Besides the huge experience in the fields of software companies and company processes the financially strong shareholder basis allows to continue the acquisition and integration of other companies in future. The two new investors consider the SEMA group as market leader with the best complete software solution, the most powerful profile, the strongest customer and staff loyalty and the largest growth potential in this sector.


The SEMA Group can look back on a very successful year. The best sales results in the entire company history were achieved. The continuous efforts and consistent market activities contributed to the extraordinary success, both nationally and internationally.


The relaunch of all SEMA websites in the international field has been completed. The intensification of the partnerships and the BIM concept provide further foundations for future developments and innovations.


The complete external appearance of SEMA gets a relaunch. From the logo and all documents to the newly designed trade fair stand - SEMA shines in a modern, contemporary and fresh design.


Alexander Neuss has been appointed as new managing partner of the SEMA group. The leadership in the core fields and the internationalisation will be continuously developed and enhanced.


The year of its 30th anniversary, the SEMA Group achieved its best turnover in the company history. In summer, SEMA celebrated the anniversary with a great “birthday event” over several days (click here for some photos and impressions of the event).

The SEMA Group has also set the course for the future and enlarged the circle of shareholders (see also: SEMA has set the direction for the future).

The new product area “Sheet Metal Workers” was officially introduced and while the research project was still going on, a special website for it has been launched.


SEMA introduced the new version name V14-1 and thus clearly communicates its commitment to ongoing program maintenance also in the version name.


In the years 2011 and 2012, SEMA extended its international reach to America and China and introduced a Chinese language version of its program.


SEMA celebrated its 25th anniversary with the version SEMA Experience V11.0. For the increasing workforce in France, an office was built in Château Gontier. The SEMA Group was able to expand its sales network despite the global economic crisis.


To extend the presence of the SEMA Group in Europe, SEMA Italia srl has been established in 2007. Furthermore, the product presentation on the website has been modernised and particularly the photorealistic representation of building projects in the SEMA program was further enhanced.


The SEMA group celebrated in 2004 its 20th anniversary with a record turnover of more than 5.5 million Euros and six program languages.


With the ”Future V9“ SEMA sets 2003 new standards and offers integrated state-of-the-art visualisation technology in a timber construction program. It allows you to virtually wander through the house.


SEMA France SARL has been founded in 2001 to better meet the new needs of the French market.


Introduction of the new program family SEMA V8 at the "Holzbau und Ausbau” 2000 trade fair in Friedrichshafen.


Because of the expanding business, a new office building in Dorfmuehlstrasse 11 is built in 1997. The training facilities, the support and development department are located there. Now, the overall office space of the headquarters in Wildpoldsried is 1,000 square meters.


SEMA becomes market leader after the success at the trade fair "Holz und Ausbau” in Friedrichshafen 1996.


In record time, SEMA develops a stairs program and successfully introduces it to the market in 1995.


SEMA enters the market for pre-fabricated houses with extended programs for joining, timber framing and data transfer.


Soon after the wall between West and East Germany came down, SEMA opens an office in the new federal states in 1990.


SEMA develops 1998 the first graphical user interface for trimming lines for Hundegger.


World-wide the first data transfer to and operation of a trimming line directly from the computer is successfully completed by SEMA in 1987.


The first SEMA programs for computer-aided trimming are developed in 1984 with the operating system CPM.