Tools & Docs

You can download documents, manuals and other helpful small programs and tools here.

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Basic Manuals

Basic Manual Timber Construction | 20,8 MB
The basic manual for our timber construction software. On the basis of a simple project the user becomes step by step familiar with the main features and handling of our software.
Basic Manual Stair Design | 11,9 MB
The basic manual for our stair design software. On the basis of a simple project the user becomes step by step familiar with the main features and the handling of the SEMA Stair Designer.


TeamViewer Support Version 15 | 18,3 MB
TeamViewer Support is a very compact module for customers which requires neither installation nor administrator rights concerning the target system - the ideal solution for spontaneous support!
TeamViewer Meeting Version 15 | 11,6 MB
By using this tool, your customers can easily take part in your presentations. They simply start the module and register with their meeting data - the perfect solution for quick and easy online presentations!


CAD Basics
Standard procedure to create CAD components.
Legend editing
Editing of legend macros in the SEMA program according to company-specific properties.
Import and Export
Mailing and export of SEMA building projects.
Search and Mark
All components of a building project can be searched and then marked.
Anchoring in CAD
Macros can be fixed so that they react to changes of components and adapt properly in relationship.
Steel Construction
The basics of creating a steel component by using an example.


Dongle Drivers for all Windows Operating Systems | 37,2 MB
The most recent driver for access to the program protection plug from the SEMA versions. After downloading, just start the EXE-file and follow the instructions on the screen.
PDF Factory
The PDF Factory is a program to create PDF files from many applications. Here you can download the latest version of the program, directly from the manufacturer.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a tool needed to read PDF documents. You can download the latest version of the program here.