Low monthly amount

For a small monthly amount you get a solution perfectly tailored to your company - and you only pay for what you use.

Better cost planning

The costs can be allocated directly to building projects.

Flexibility and speed of adjustment

You can respond quickly and efficiently to staff changes and new technical requirements and adjust your licence to your needs with
Demand peaks/troughs (staff/licences) and new project/technical requirements.

Counteracts the shortage of skilled workers

With the help of master data and automatic features in the design, through independent further training on the SEMA College e-learning platform, you and your employees will save valuable time at work.

User-friendly, consistent and intuitive

You benefit from a clear program interface and easy and consistent operation: easy to learn and simply unforgettable!

Simultaneous working in 2D/3D/lists

Planning and design take place simultaneously in the SEMA software. For example, if you adjust the width of a wall in the 2D view, this adjustment will be available in the 3D view and in the section at the same time. Plans, material lists and machine data are constantly updated and managed. SEMA thinks for you!

SEMA College

The SEMA College platform combines the entire school, training and further education for the SEMA software. The content is directed at users of all levels of knowledge - from beginners to professionals. SEMA offers a wide range of tutorial videos for the independent learning of the 2D/3D CAD/CAM software for every level and for every area.
Training and further education with the help of the e-learning platform SEMA College - possible at any time and from anywhere!

Point cloud technology

Point clouds created with the help of a 3D laser scanner or via photogrammetry are imported directly into the SEMA software at the push of a button to be used there. This unique technology gives you an extremely high level of security for building documentation and planning in the existing building.

Higher building activity through automation

30% higher building activity through automation: Visualisation, plan output, material list, point cloud technology.

Professional support

Professional support from professionals for professionals, competent and reliable for you and your projects.