Timber construction package

SEMA - Timber Construction provides timber construction companies with an easy-to-use software solution for sophisticated timber construction.The integrated add-on 3D Visualisation offers the possibility to add 3D furnishings from an extensive component library for customer presentations.

Complex constructions can be entered and evaluated easily and at the same time efficiently in a clear user interface. A detailed layer structure of the wall elements, an automatic spacing of the members as well as an extensive library of industry-specific fasteners and tiles (substructures included) simplify the planning.

Work preparation will become more efficient by simple quantity surveying, all quantities are directly available for orders, material planning, offer calculation, etc. These constructions can be joined manually, or they can serve as the basis for machine transfer. 


You can optionally book the following add-ons for your package:

3D Point Cloud Measurement

Tachymetry Measurement

Joining Single Member

Structural Analysis

Load Planning

Auto Panel Cladding

Roof and Floor Panels

Data Transfer to Element Processing Stations

Joining Single Member and Panel components