Facade & Metal Cladding

As the world leader in the production of construction software for the fields of facades & roofing, we can offer you the perfect software solutions tailored to your needs. Planning, work preparation and production work hand in hand to achieve a consistent planning process. Related to the application, all data will be recorded only once and then transferred to all plans, lists and production data.

Point Clouds

Unique features: Point clouds generated with a 3D laser scanner can be imported into the SEMA program and further processed there.
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SEMA combines the latest measurement methods with the practical functionalities of a high-tech design program. In combination with the SEMA timber construction software, measuring becomes child's play.
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A leak-proof roof is quite something. Even though sheet metal, zinc and copper do not often account for the major part of roofing, these elements are quite an eye-catcher and an important factor in the drainage of rain water. It is the sheet metal work which forms the necessary water-draining layer, particularly in critical spots such as valleys.
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Profile sheet metal work, similar to that used in roofing, is increasingly being used in the design of facades. Low-maintenance metal facades are playing an escalating role, particularly in commercial constructions with the corresponding building dimensions.
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