V19-2 05/2019

Point clouds in the SEMA program

Point clouds as the design basis for renovations or work on existing buildings.

V19-2 05/2019

Components, punching in all planes

Creation of processings on components by simple punching.

V19-2 05/2019

Electric combinations constructive and visual

Electric inserts in various versions for the plan output, machine wall production and visualisation in 3D view.

V19-2 05/2019

New Features Sheet Metal

Abutting of sheet metal components, macro technology, numbering and hatching of sheet metal components.

V19-2 05/2019

New features master folder and SEMA data store

New wood textures, new features SEMA data store, enhanced properties of master folders.

V19-1 12/2018

Design in Roof Layers Part 2

From profile input to design to detailed evaluation.