V21-1 12/2020

64 Bit Version

Version 21-1 is a powerful 64 bit version.

V20-2 05/2020

Important details in stair design

3D processing with DXF+ information, split command optionally with mitre and rounding radius.

V20-2 05/2020

Conical panels

Conical panels, auto dimensioning of the production drawing.

V20-2 05/2020

Load planning

Convenient positioning of wall/roof and floor panels and trusses in flexible loading spaces with an auto output of loading plans.

V20-2 05/2020

Valuable developments of details

Drillings as circles into the DXF; DXF import of hatches; DXF import as a graphic; export representation as an image; additional columns drawing administration; search function placeholders; multi-page PDF output; memory management storey visibility; IFC 4; open projects in read-only mode.

V20-2 05/2020

Mirroring of walls

From now on, it is possible to mirror walls, trusses, construction planes, floors, timbers contained, terrains, sections and dimensions.