V12.0 05/2012

Fully Automatic Roof Design

New calculation routines under the “Partial roof, free” mode enable roof designs based on complex ground plans in one step through the new “Partial roof on polygon” command.

V12.0 05/2012

New Skew Notches

A “Double heel skew notch” and a “Free skew notch” have been added to the “Skew notch” end type.

V12.0 05/2012

Material List

Auto partial lists by storey, practical bundling of components, filtering components according to their processings.

V12.0 05/2012

SEMA Virtual-Reality

Viewing, turning and walking through any project in three-dimensional, photorealistic picture quality. A perfect tool for professional building presentation.

V12.0 05/2012

Opening the SEMA Program Multiple Times

Opening the SEMA program several times, working on several different projects at the same time and transferring data via the clipboard from one project to another.

Archive Features

Here you will find the features of the previous years.