V20-2 05/2020

New end types

Japanese tenon, new type of skew notch, bevel lap joint, enhancement of the dovetail connection.

V20-1 12/2019

Free Roof Area

Increased Options to Create Free Roof Areas and Construction Planes; Drawing of Rafters and Purlins in the 3D Mode.

V20-1 12/2019

New Features Sheet Metal

Front Upturns for Folding Profiles and Extended Texture Commands.

V20-1 12/2019

Enhancements Drawing Manager

New Columns for Individual Properties, Freely Definable Columns with Placeholder Technique, Enhanced Search and Filter Function and Optimised Plan Output.

V20-1 12/2019

BIM with SEMA - Further Enhancement of the IFC Interface

IFC Properties, Colours, Grouping of Storeys for the IFC Export.

V20-1 12/2019

Macro Plus

Macro Plus, Enhancements Macro Container Window/Door and Other Detail Enhancements.