SEMA version 20-1

Every new version includes numerous new features and improvements - here you will find the most important highlights of the new software version 20-1.

Innovations in the roof construction

Free roof areas and partial roofs can now be created quickly and easily in the top view, the vertical section or in 3D without previous definition of roof profiles.
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Perfect visualisation of timber components

In order to further enhance the visual representation of projects in the SEMA program, numerous new wood textures for timber construction and stair design have been incorporated into the new version.
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Open-BIM: Further development of the IFC interface

The IFC interface is used for the loss-free data exchange of 3D models between different programs. Numerous further developments and enhancements in the SEMA program once again significantly improve the information exchange at the interface.
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Free balustrading infills for stairs

The innovative mix of different materials makes a staircase elegant and stylish. SEMA completes its balustrading components of the stairs with the new component infill. Glass, steel, plastic or wood infills can now be created easily.
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