SEMA Version 20-2

Every new version includes numerous new features and improvements - here you will find the most important highlights of the new software version 20-2.

Load planning

Loading can be so easy: The newly developed Loading Manager offers easy and convenient placement of elements in predefined load spaces with automatic output of the entire loading plan.
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Tapered panels & automatic dimensioning

Tapered panels for roof and wall enable flexible and modern design. The newly developed automatic dimensioning of the developed view of components is of great help.
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Mirroring walls

Mirroring as a basic function of a CAD system becomes a supreme discipline because of additional information. In the SEMA program, of course, all elements and components are correctly mirrored or rotated in the orientation.
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Japanese tenon & bevel lap joint

From version 20-2 on, the new construction variants Japanese tenon and bevel lap joint are available for carpenters and timber builders.
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Stair measurements made easy

The use of several 3D point clouds in a project allows free access to planning in a virtual staircase. Enhanced performance and variable display of point clouds provide an even better overview for designing.
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