SEMA version 21-1

Every new version includes numerous new features and improvements - here you will find the most important highlights of the new software version 21-1.

3D point cloud activation and instant planning in SEMA

Using the new point cloud activation, SEMA users can activate a point cloud for any number of workstations for a one-time fee.It is thus possible to pass on the point cloud to a company partner for further processing of the project.
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Faster planning and executing of projects

In the field of facade & metal cladding, Version 21-1 offers two new features that provide users with valuable help and time savings in project planning and execution: The 'mirror' function and the enhanced automatic drawing feature.
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SEMA 64-Bit

In future the SEMA program will be available as high-performance 64-bit software to provide even more planning power. The SEMA program can thus employ the entire available working memory of the computer.
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Design tie beams in 3D

The basis for free design in all 3D views and vertical and horizontal sections with free roof areas was already laid in the previous version. Even then it was possible to place rafters and purlins directly in free roof areas in the 3D mode. As of now, tie beams are also created in the 3D view and in sections.
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