X-fix connects cross laminated timber in the SEMA program

The company X-fix developed innovative and special wood-wood connectors for solid wood construction. These connectors have numerous advantages.

The X-fix C is a dovetail-shaped connector in the shape of a wedge and is used for the assembly of solid wood ceilings and wall panels. The advantage over conventional screw connections with butt boards is that the patented X-fix C geometry clamps the panels together and couples them positively and permanently just by knocking in the X-fix C parts.

Thus, for example, the time-consuming and often difficult clamping together of the CLT ceiling panels using plates is no longer required - joist tension without any use of metal in the pure wood-wood connection.

A static dimensioning of the X-fix C connectors with an external tool from the Ingtools company is possible at any time free of charge. After registration, evidence of shearing, tension and combined stress can be provided.

X-fix L is a linear wood-wood connector specially designed for L, T and longitudinal joints of cross laminated timber walls. It consists of two dovetail- and wedge-shaped, divided, coupling strips with a length of maximal 3 m.

The prefabricated millings of the walls to be connected are placed in relation to one another and a part of the coupling strip is inserted from above. Then the second part is inserted and hammered in for about 30 cm. And the connection is finished!

X-fix L connectors can be assembled very quickly. Since the assembly is carried out from the inside of the building, no external scaffolding is required.

X-fix L connects the components with a wood-wood connection continuously, linearly and positively. These connectors are up to 300% stronger than conventional screw connections.

The new master data for the two X-fix connectors C and L can be downloaded and installed free of charge in the SEMA data store. As a result, SEMA users now have other innovative connectors available for design in solid wood construction.

You can find more information under: www.x-fix.at

This new function is available as a feature film on the Internet at: www.sema-soft.com/x-fix-connectors