New Features in Mass Timber Construction

Two further new features in the field of mass timber construction have been implemented: the visual enhancement and adjustment of the grain direction arrow and the individual adjustment of the surface quality on the wooden sides.

The grain direction arrow has been visually adapted and enabled for all timber components in the 3D representation and production drawings for the reference side. Changes in the grain direction, which are defined in the master data of the component, also have an impact on the texture display in the 3D view, the texture direction adapts automatically. Thus, the grain direction of the component can be recognized very easily in the 2D and 3D representation.

What's more, the surface quality of the timber component can now be individually determined by means of four options for a reference side and the corresponding opposite side.

Since the quality level is directly displayed visually in the 3D view, it is easier to distinguish which is the reference side and what quality the respective side has. The quality designations are also displayed on plans so that errors can be identified more quickly.

Users can also define which side should be on top for the machine export by determining a reference side. This definition is especially important for components where a high surface quality is required on one side and which must not be damaged during production, for example by a machine table.

This new function is available as a feature film on the Internet at: