New Features Joining

Our latest Version 22-2 provides numerous detail enhancements and new features in the field of joining. Working with SEMA has been accelerated once again, which enables even more efficient planning.

It starts with the enhancement of the dovetail tenon. The upper width of the tenon is often displayed in static or detail drawings.

Direct adoption is now possible by determining the cone via the upper width of the dovetail tenon (fixed or as a percentage of the component).

The rabbet and the marking-out are taken into account for the tenon length required for the calculation.

Next, a distance at the front and back can now be determined for the end type offset on both sides, inclined and on both sides, straight. If, for example, a component such as a truss is placed on top of the post, it will no longer swing out so easily, which significantly facilitates assembly.

Another new feature is the processing of single members, which can now be highlighted in colour in the 3D view. Consequently, single member processing such as, for example, the scarf joints of two floor beams lying on top of each other can be changed very easily and quickly.

This new function is available as a feature film on the Internet at: