SEMA version 22-3

Every new version includes numerous new features and improvements - here you will find the most important highlights of the software version 22-3.


The 3D design of the roof is continuously being further developed. The advantage of this type of design lies clearly in its visual and spatial representation.
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Roof Sub-Layers

The functions and the freedom in planning and execution have now also been implemented for the bottom side of the roof.
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Prefabrication of Roof Elements

The prefabrication of roof elements has been extensively expanded and many details have been enhanced.
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3D Point Clouds

In Version 22-3, SEMA has significantly expanded the range of functions for editing 3D point clouds.
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Facade and Metal Cladding

Two more helpful new features for the CAD planning in the field of sheet metals have been implemented in the Version 22-3.
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