New Features for 3D Point Clouds

The processing of 3D point clouds of any size is a unique feature in the SEMA program. But there is always a better way! In Version 22-3, SEMA has significantly expanded the range of functions for editing 3D point clouds.

Reducing Point Clouds

Point clouds stored in the project can now be cut individually. Points that lie outside and are no longer required can be hidden with the help of a clipping box. The program automatically increases the point cloud density accordingly.

A gripper in the form of an arrow appears on the various surfaces of the cuboid if a clipping box is marked in the program. If the user clicks on this arrow, they can use the mouse and easily and conveniently move the respective side by a certain amount in the negative or positive range. The processing can be executed in all views as well as directly in the 3D mode.

In addition, one or several individual areas can be punched out of the point cloud and hidden. This is an advantage, for example, if the recorded inventory of old buildings is replaced by a new building and is displayed in the inventory of the point cloud. It can thus be shown to the client straight away how the potential new building fits into the existing building.

Automatic Alignment of Related Point Clouds

During import, several point clouds that belong together, for example certain sections of a scanned project, are oriented towards the point cloud that was imported first.

If the user shifts or rotates the position of the first point cloud after the import, the subsequent point clouds obtain this information automatically and adjust themselves accordingly in the program.

Highlight Point Clouds in Colours

Each point cloud can now be individually assigned any colour when working with multiple point clouds.

There are three options available: Display point cloud in original colour, point cloud mixed with the new colour or point cloud with the set colour only.

Enhanced Point Cloud Display in the 2D View

In projects with multiple storeys it is now possible to select only the part of the point cloud of the active storey. Consequently, the user gets a better overview of the project and always sees only one cutting plane of the point cloud. It is thus possible to work in various selected storeys such as basement, ground floor, top floor and also attic storey using the point cloud as basis for measuring.