New Features Facade and Metal Cladding

Two more helpful new features for the CAD planning in the field of sheet metals have been implemented in the Version 22-3.

From now on, it is possible to create sheet metal folding profiles from CAD lines using the option "Folding profile from polyline". This enables the direct component creation at destination as well as easier positioning of components at detail points.

The spacing mechanism of folding elements has been expanded to become more intelligent and comprehensive by means of the second new feature. Up to five individual spacings can now be assigned and designed simultaneously in one work step with the option "combi-spacing". Consequently the effort and the susceptibility to errors in the planning process are minimised and at the same time user-friendliness is enhanced.

Two SEMA customers about the new features:

"We have been using the SEMA software for a good two years now and have fully integrated the program into the daily process of our project planning.
The new features of the SEMA software, such as the spacing of fascia and wall coverings with brackets and splice plates in one operation, as well as the possibility of creating sheet metal profiles directly at the desired position at any point in the project planning, greatly facilitate the optimizing of the planning process. The new features are very helpful because they simplify the entire project planning process even more."

Stefan Adelsberger jun. / Master sheet metal worker
Deputy managing director
Gebr. Adelsberger GmbH, Munich - Sheet metal work and roofing company

"We mainly use the SEMA software to plan coverings for complete walls and fascias. Our planning process has become much faster thanks to the semi-automatic calculation of the coverings.
Due to the new features of Version 22-3, such as the conversion of CAD lines into bending profiles, the components can be positioned directly at the desired point of use in the project. This further simplifies the design process. In addition, the newly developed combi-spacing allows several components to be created at the same time during planning to make our entire design process even more dynamic."

Stefan Breu / Master sheet metal worker
Head of department manufacturing / production
Member of the extended management with Gabs AG in Tägerwilen (Switzerland)