New Features Joining

In the case of complicated intersections users can now create machine-ready processing for the production on joinery machines even more quickly using the extension of the "Cut several times" function for timber components.

Now, it is for example very easy to cut elements such as a hip rafter on several reference areas of a purlin ring without additional processing.

The enhancement of this command offers a wide range of options for creating machine-ready processing on timber components more effectively and much faster. Additional 3CAD processing is not required.

In the new SEMA version it is also possible to subsequently assign timber members, fasteners, 3D objects and steel components to another system such as a ceiling, wall, construction plane, roof panel, floor panel or another storey.

This also includes the quick subsequent allocation of members constructed in the joist systems to an adjacent wall, since these components must be mounted and packaged in the wall.

Free 3CAD timber members or steel girders that come from an IFC structural model can be easily assigned to a ceiling to display the Single Member numbers and the dimensions in the assembly plans.

Furthermore, 3D objects such as steel connectors can be transferred from one storey to another even in the 3D view so that they are exported correctly, for example.