SEMA version 23.3

Every new version includes numerous new features and improvements - here you will find the most important highlights of the new software version 23.3.

Load Planning

Free component labelling has been made available in the SEMA Loading Manager in the new Version 23.3. Consequently, free texts or predefined placeholders can be added individually as labelling in all views of the components.
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BIMcollab is a user-friendly issue management platform that brings together and enables communication via issue descriptions and comments from different trades with different software solutions such as Archicad, Revit, Autocad, Tekla, etc. providing reliable history tracking.
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Assembly Air

The installation of bracketed stairs has been made considerably easier in the new SEMA Version 23.3.
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Master Data Management

The master data manager and the folder overview have been enhanced. Users can now directly select master data from the SEMA original master data and insert it into the building project with a create command.
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Staggered View

The coverings in layers and panels such as plasterboard or timbers that make up a wall, roof or floor panel can be displayed and edited in a staggered way next to each other in the appropriate view in the SEMA program.
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