Staggered View of Wall, Roof and Floor Panels

The coverings in layers and panels such as plasterboard or timbers that make up a wall, roof or floor panel can be displayed and edited in a staggered way next to each other in the appropriate view in the SEMA program.

Previously, it was not possible to place individual layers on top of each other as needed for a better identification and control of board joints and projections.

In the new SEMA Version 23.3, views of the layers of walls as well as roof and floor panels can be placed on top of each other to check whether the joints, for example from plasterboard, come to rest on the frame timbers of the layer below. Consequently, draughtsmen get a better overview of the design and fitters benefit from an enhanced plan output. In addition, there are no more auxiliary lines etc. required to illustrate the position of higher or lower layers.

The new menu for this feature can be found for walls and panels in the "Layers and division" tab under "View". In this menu, users can determine for each layer which layer should be placed underneath. The timbers of the support layer layer S0 as well as all layers above or below are available for selection. In order to display the layers below, the option "Multiple staggered view of components" must be enabled in the display settings (F7) under each layer.

For a better ease of use and as a visual aid, it is also possible to place hatching over the different layers of the plan representation. The master data of the combination pens can be accessed in the reference behind in order to make the display of the layers independent of the original layer.