SEMA version 23.4

Every new version includes numerous new features and improvements - here you will find the most important highlights of the new software version 23.4.

Associative Dimensioning

From now on, auto dimensioning will be automatically updated as soon as a dimensioned component changes. This includes the features 'Wall view', 'Wall top view', the dimensioning for roof and floor panels and the dimensioning for floors.
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Moving roof layer edges

Planning is significantly optimized by moving roof layer edges in the 3D view and in various sectional views by means of this new feature and the "Mark object details" command.
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New features loading manager

As of Version 23.4, the SEMA Loading Manager has been expanded with new functions for load space control. These new features enable a precise check of the weight and protruding components for each load space.
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New features covering

From Version 23.4 on, it is possible to copy panel components in walls and roof-floor panels from one existing layer into another layer thanks to the latest new features in the area of coverings. Coverings in the macro container also benefit from this new function.
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