Associative Dimensioning

From now on, auto dimensioning will be automatically updated as soon as a dimensioned component changes. This includes the features 'Wall view', 'Wall top view', the dimensioning for roof and floor panels and the dimensioning for floors.

When a panel is moved, this might for example be a window in the wall top view, dimension lines automatically adjust in both the top view and the wall view. Even in the case of changes, such as the width of timber components, windows, macros or wall thickness, the corresponding dimension lines adjust automatically. This is done fully automatically and does not require any additional steps on the part of the user.






Users can work even more easily and safely in the field of auto dimensioning by means of the "Associative Dimensioning" feature.



This function has also been incorporated into manually created dimension lines. Consequently, all affected components will automatically update their dimension lines as soon as a change is made. This significantly reduces the effort required for adjustments to existing dimension lines.

The new feature "Associative Dimensioning" makes working with dimension lines even more effective and virtually eliminates errors.

  • Precision: Dimension lines can be anchored to components manually or via the point of intersection and area dimensioning to ensure accurate measurement.
  • Fully automatic adjustment: When changes are made or components are removed, the dimension lines adapt fully automatically so that manual adjustments are no longer necessary.
  • Simple linkage: Manual dimension lines or dimension lines with point of intersection and area dimensioning can be easily linked to components for quick and efficient work.