Modify Processing and Punching with Grippers

The current release introduces a new design aid for complicated intersections and processing variants. This design aid significantly simplifies punching and 3CAD processing, because dimensions can now be changed with just a few clicks. This is done with the help of grippers.

In 3CAD processing, cuboid-shaped scarf joints that can be placed freely now have grippers for each axis - a total of six pieces, which are marked in colour depending on the context. Users can select and move these grippers by means of the mouse pointer. Consequently, lengths and dimensions can be adjusted very easily. The component hit by the scarf joint changes automatically, so that there is no need of recalculation.

The new feature affects all released 3CAD processing, which can now be executed much more flexibly and much faster. In previous versions, the length, width and height for each direction had to be changed manually in a dialogue. This effort is no longer necessary - especially special shapes can now be designed much more easily.

The new feature is also available for box-shaped punching in staircase and timber components. As with 3CAD processing, the new grippers also facilitate construction here, because the dimensions of the punching can be variably adjusted. Previously, the processing had to be deleted and recreated with each change. The grippers thus speed up the creation and modification of punchings enormously.

The grippers are also available for drilling or extrusion objects in both 3CAD processing and punching. However, there is a special feature here: The grippers can only be changed in one direction (for example, in depth when drilling). Consequently, users benefit from a high degree of flexibility in the post-processing of components.

By the way: The grippers for 3CAD processing and punching can be used in the same way as users already know from the clipping boxes for point clouds. (Release 22.2)