New features roof design

The many years of development under the heading of "Design in roof layers" has taken a decisive step towards its goal with the new Version 19-1.

The creation of so-called double roof trusses from the profile input via construction to detailed evaluation has been implemented in combination with the module Roof Covering! Various roof profiles have been added to the work master data in order to achieve an easier access to this complex, high-quality solution in the field of energy performance. Traditional joining has thus reached a completely new dimension.

Boardings, battens,... can be drawn in all layers of the roof structure with timber components and they, including all processings, can be transferred to automated machine joining for production.

Similarly, all components of the roof structure with gross / net area or volume per layer in the material list are prepared for the calculation or the provision of materials. 

Each individual area of the roof layer is output as "easy-to-understand measurement" with edge lengths and area size to facilitate control.