Measuring made easy

Inventory taking - quick, easy and cost-effective. Create cross-sections and views directly from point clouds as a basis for further design in the SEMA program.

The determination of the existing building structure is particularly indispensable in the field of building renovation, preservation of monuments or additions of another storey/annexes to existing buildings. The manual measuring of quantities is often laborious, time consuming and ties up resources.

The inventory can be taken by just one person with a 3D laser scanner in a very short time. For this purpose, no scaffolding has to be set up and no other aids have to be used for the measurements. The measuring of the project will become child's play and all relevant data can be determined directly in the SEMA program.

After entering the building structure as a three-dimensional point cloud with a 3D laser scanner, the Pointcab software will produce orthophotos, which represent a distortion-free and true-to-scale image of a surface. The orthophotos can be imported and 2D plans, ground plans, sections, or views can then be created due to the new enhanced import function in the SEMA program. As usual, this is followed by the further planning and design activities and the provision of manufacturing data in the SEMA software - conveniently, quickly and efficiently.