Electrical Planning Made Easy

Planning of electrical inserts of various designs for the plan output, machine wall production and visualisation in the 3D mode.

Electrical planning is an important aspect in the construction of timber houses as well as structural expansions and additions of another storey to existing buildings. And, of course, everything should be machined and produced quickly and easily in the wall, together with the appropriate millings and openings.

This is where the electrical combinations, newly developed in Version 19-2, come into play. A wide variety of electrical inserts, such as sockets, light switches or thermostats, can be inserted very quickly and easily and combined in any form by means of this new feature for the electrical planning and can finally be realised in the construction in terms of manufacturing.

The supply line, whether installed from above or below, can be determined freely. Corresponding openings at the top boom or bottom boom are automatically executed. 

The detailed evaluation of all used electrical combinations with associated roof-wall-floor number and the corresponding room name complete the offer.

There are almost no limits to the planning and construction possibilities so that all imaginable electrical combinations can be realised.

The Version 19-2 as delivered comes with the SEMA master data that already include numerous prefabricated electrical inserts. The electrical inserts are perfectly prepared for display on plans and visualisation in the 3D mode.