Release History V24.1

Roof and Roof Covering

  • Via the "Mark object details" command, it is now possible to snap roof layer edges in the various sectional views and in the 3D representation.
  • After selecting an edge, it can be cut to a surface by means of the "cut" command. It is also possible to mark layer edges in the sectional views by pressing the shift key.

Timber Construction

  • Markings with a text, which can be enabled in the general preferences (Alt+F7) under "Evaluation/Other", can now be flexibly set to a reference side.
  • As of now, there are new settings for the markings and text output for counter-processing on components for both end types, "cut" and "lengthening".
  • On the one hand, reference sides 1-4 for the markings and also reference sides 1-4 for the text output can be defined freely. No additional marking can be set if a recess is defined for the end type "lengthening".
  • It is also possible to set the text output separately for an end type - here, "automatic" refers to the general pre-settings.
  • These new options facilitate and accelerate the assembly of walls, for example on an assembly table.
  • This new setting option for defining the reference sides for markings with text is now also available, for example, for purlins that are clipped on the top level.
  • During an IFC export, it is now possible to export the grain direction arrow for members and panels if the arrow has been defined for the component.
  • The new option can be enabled in the IFC export settings.
  • The DXF and DWG interfaces have been updated to DXF versions 2010, 2013, 2018 and to DWG version 2010.

FHP export

  • Walls as well as roof and floor panels can now be transferred to Weinmann horizontally and vertically mirrored. This means that roof panels and floor panels can be viewed from above in SEMA, but transferred with the keyword ELA = INNEN. Consequently, the lower layers can be placed and processed on the machine first and then the upper layers. This new feature eliminates, for example, the need to subsequently turn the panels on the machine so that the panels can be assembled correctly on the construction site. The keyword SPIEGELN = VER / MIRRORING = VER must be assigned in the additional data tab in order to mirror the panels vertically. Horizontal mirroring is controlled by the keyword SPIEGELN = HOR / MIRRORING = HOR.

Single Member

  • Single Member locked areas (MCAD) created for wall production can now separate linear contours such as sawing/milling/scriber and nailing contours. The respective setting activated as standard can be found in the general pre-settings (Alt F7) under "Lists/Single Member/Special processing/Processing of locked areas".
  • The maximum character limitation for package and timber grade has been expanded for the K1 export.