Release History V24.2

3D Objects and Visualization

  • 3CAD processing such as scarf joints, drillings and cuts can now be changed in their dimensions using grippers by means of this new Version. Various grippers are available on the corresponding sides for this purpose. The processing can be changed on the X-axes (red), Y-axes (green) and Z-axes (blue) by a specific value (negative and positive) by simply dragging with the mouse. This function has also been incorporated into punching in all timber and stair components.
  • The new function “Project Monitor” has been integrated. The Project Monitor is designed for monitoring external IFC links in various SEMA building projects. This makes it possible to globally monitor IFC files linked in projects. The palette of the “Project Monitor” can be switched on/off via “Extras” – “Project Monitor”. If the Project Monitor is active and the linked IFC files meet the corresponding requirements (see “Project Monitor” instructions), the data can be monitored globally.
    As soon as there is a newer version of a linked file, this will be displayed in the Project Monitor. The new icon of the Project Monitor turns red to inform users of a change. What's more, a corresponding update symbol is displayed in front of each participating project in the overview. Users can therefore immediately see in which project and from which link a new version is available. Double-clicking on the project in the Project Monitor opens the project. If an IFC file is linked to a new project, this building project or the IFC link is automatically monitored. However, if this is also to be monitored by another SEMA user, this user must switch to the "IFC" tab in the "Drawing Manager" of the respective project. There users have the option to activate/deactivate option "Monitor IFC link with monitor" using the new checkbox. The building project is then displayed in its Project Monitor. If building projects or ground plans containing IFC links are copied, they will not be automatically monitored. In these cases, the desired monitoring links must be activated via the "Drawing Manager".
    If a building project or the IFC link is no longer required in the Project Monitor, it can be deactivated via the "Drawing Manager" or removed directly from the Project Monitor using the "Delete" icon of the palette. This does not delete the project, it will only be removed from the Project Monitor and thus no longer be monitored.
    In addition, for each IFC link, the mouse hint displays which users are monitoring this link or which users last updated this link. By using this new feature it is possible to monitor one or several IFC links in different SEMA projects and receive information about an update at any time.
  • As part of this new feature, it is now also possible to display the two previous versions of an IFC link in the building project. Consequently, three settings have been integrated into the display settings (F7) for the respective link under the setting "Visible versions". “Current version (°)” displays the latest updated version. If the previous version (-1) and the version before the previous version (-2) are activated, the corresponding previous versions of the link will be displayed. When the building project is closed, this setting will not be saved, thus ensuring that the current version is always displayed by default. The additions for the previous versions are also displayed in the mouse pointer hint when you mark such a component. The IFC file of the link no longer needs to be available. Versioning is done within the program.


  • The editing of CAD groups with a large number of objects has been accelerated by changing the polygon edges. This allows CAD groups to be edited even more smoothly and quickly. The exiting of building projects and the DXF import also benefit from this enhancement. In addition, values for the image build-up have been analysed and also optimised.

Single Member

  • For BTL / BTLx export, it is now possible to export DT scarf joints with or without additional scarf joint processing for clearing.
  • For BTLx and BVX export, it is now possible to define clamp lines (P04=16) or helical lines (P04=17) for fastening panel components via MCAD contour lines. An additional angle of rotation (P18=x°) can be specified for clamping units. Here, 0° corresponds to a clamp in the segment direction.
    During the BVX export, however, 0° of a clamp corresponds to 90° to the segment direction, so that 90° must be subtracted from the desired angle in the cambium.
    A MCAD formula for the BTLx export of clamps with a rotation angle of 45° could therefore be defined as follows:
    3DBEARB 0 250 3
    P04 = 16
    P15 = 100
    P18 = 45