Faster planning and executing of projects

In the field of facade & metal cladding, Version 21-1 offers two new features that provide users with valuable help and time savings in project planning and execution.

Sheet metal components can be mirrored in the wall in the same way as coverings. A seemingly inconspicuous function at first glance, becomes all the more powerful when it is executed.

Walls with all the materials, the cladding and facade incl. structure can be mirrored at once by means of this function. An already divided dormer side wall can thus be attached quickly and easily to the other dormer side. Even entire house facade walls can be mirrored with this function to save time. The key is: The larger the surface/facade to be mirrored, the greater the time saved. When mirroring, users can also select whether the side folds should also be mirrored or retained in their original orientation. All common applications are covered by this 'mirror' function.

Another new feature is the automatic drawing output for sheet metal components. So far, the components had been output individually and one after the other. Now all components can be output collectively in one step.

This function can be used to output sheet metal components either with the respective production drawing (developed view, profile, 3D oblique view) or several components line by line on a plan. Corresponding plan templates in A1, A3 and A4 formats are available. These templates can be customized as usual.