Stair Design

SEMA is the world leader in the production of stairs software providing the perfect software solutions for your business. From planning and design to the output on a 1:1 scale as well as CNC production - our program covers the whole range of activities in the fields of traditional and modern stair design.


No matter whether it is about right-angled, oblique-angled or round stairs, designed as string, horse, bolt or concrete stairs - SEMA offers extensive editing funtions for even the most complex details.
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With the three-dimensional visualization from all angles, with walls, windows and dividing floors, customers can see their future staircase in all detail. But this functionality also offers the user a number of advantages and he can try out the stair design in the actual building and thus improve the quality of his work.
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Profit from and make use of the fast and efficient combination of the latest measurement methods with the practical functionalities of a high-tech design program for stairs.
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Fasteners + Steel Elements

Complex stairs require the use of fasteners. The SEMA program provides a large number of fasteners so that almost any stairs shape can be put into practice: from floating/self-supporting stairs to steel cut string stairs. Stairs with steel stringers are increasingly being produced in the field of modern stair design. That way, a decorative mixture of materials is achieved.
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The best possible and individual planning, efficient production processes and high-quality workmanship are the demands on today’s modern stair design.
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For the transfer to CAD-CAM programs, all component geometries and processings are provided pre-optimised for CNC production. Apart from the transfer of individual components also entire board optimisations (nestings) can be transferred to the CAD-CAM software.
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