From 2D photos to 3D point cloud with photogrammetry

3D point clouds have conquered the digital world in the past two years. Using photogrammetry, a 3D point cloud is generated fully automatically from photos taken with a normal camera or drone. The result is a contactless recording and measurement of reality.

Direct processing of 3D point clouds: Point clouds as a design basis for renovations or work on existing buildings. Accessing individual points, constructing on the existing object or measuring individual distances becomes child's play in virtual reality. Here, SEMA sets a new standard in the processing of digital 3D data and its further processing in CAD software.
The advantages of point clouds, namely the minimal errors of measurement, real measuring of all deformations of the building area calculation and distance measurements, creation of as-built plans, visualisation of objects and their virtual walk-through, can be used ideally for planning and construction. The use of point clouds in the SEMA program simplifies the work enormously and results in extremely high levels of security for inventory planning.