Direct Processing of 3D Point Clouds

Unique features: Point clouds generated with a 3D laser scanner can be imported into the SEMA program and further processed there.

Point clouds as a design basis for renovations or work on existing buildings. Any sections of the scan are created in the program at the press of a button and all relevant quantity survey points are determined quickly and easily. Here, SEMA sets a new standard in the processing of digital 3D data and its further processing in CAD software. The advantages of point clouds, namely the minimal errors of measurement, real measuring of all deformations of the building area calculation and distance measurements, creation of as-built plans, visualisation of objects and their virtual walk-through, can be used ideally for planning and construction.

The use of point clouds in the SEMA program results in extremely high levels of security for inventory planning. In conjunction with the 3D measured object and the exact SEMA planning, there will be no surprises on the construction site later on and everything will fit perfectly.

The whole process of inventory taking is done with a 3D laser scanner by just one person in a short time. You virtually transfer "the entire construction site onto your computer", because the entire existing building structure is available precisely to the millimetre as a 3D point cloud.

Another time-consuming and costly visit to the construction site with renewed measurement of quantities is unnecessary. The uncertainty of whether everything is correct and nothing has been forgotten is a thing of the past. Furthermore, an exact documentation of the day of the scan is provided by the complete point cloud. Subsequent changes to the construction site can thus be easily verified.

At a time when land use is being debated and the redevelopment or expansion of existing buildings is becoming increasingly crucial, SEMA offers an attractive tool for anyone who wants to participate in this development.