Machine + CAD = MCAD

MCAD combines the convenient features of the SEMA CAD with the high demands of machine control and material recording and evaluation. Even the most complex processings can be defined exactly in the construction program via simple inputs and can then be produced on a machine without any post-editing.

Quantity Survey, Parts Lists and Machine Output

Area and line measurements, summary calculations (for fast quotations), automatic creations of ordering, cutting and parts lists and filters to define special partial lists. Integrated timber length optimization for the best possible material planning. Export of the data to all commonly used wood-working machines with the respective SEMA-CEM interface.

Drawing output, piece list and machine transfer

Log builders need an additional summary of logs/planks, split according to log/plank plane and packaging, on the standard drawings and piece lists because of the special assembly requirements. This information is printed onto the logs/planks when produced with automatic wood-working machines.


Tenon with Double Cut

New Skew Notches