Innovations in the roof construction:

Creating free roof areas in 2D/3D or in sectional view

From Version 20-1 on, it is possible to directly create free roof areas and roof details quickly and conveniently in the Top view, the Vertical section or in the 3D mode without previously having to define roof profiles. The roof area is created with a few clicks via a simple rectangle input. 

Similarly, rafters and purlins are also created in the roof area in the 2D, 3D mode and in the Vertical section and then the spacing of the rafters in the 3D mode is implemented. Consequently, pitched roofs and overhangs can be designed in no time at all to be immediately ready for joining. 

In the field of renovations, the free design of roof areas is also very helpful. For example, when a shed dormer is to be planned on an existing roof. Often only old plans are available to the carpenter. 

The most important points are drawn as CAD and the free roof area is created with a few mouse clicks. The dormer can then be designed from this roof area in the 3D mode and in the section. 

But even with imported measuring points or point clouds, it is extremely helpful to be able to create roof areas for further design simply by clicking on the individual points in the 3D.

Construction in roof layers

Boardings, battens,... can be drawn in all layers of the roof structure with timber components and they, including all processings, can be transferred to automated machine joining for production.

Similarly, all components of the roof structure with gross / net area or volume per layer in the material list are prepared for the calculation or the provision of materials. 

Each individual area of the roof layer is output as "easy-to-understand measurement" with edge lengths and area size to facilitate control.