Loading can be so easy

The SEMA Loading Manager makes it possible

A long-standing wish comes true. Version 20-2 has implemented the feature Loading Planning, which is fully integrated into the SEMA construction program.

The newly developed Loading Manager offers easy and convenient placement of elements in predefined load spaces with automatic output of the entire loading plan. The simple concept and the clear interface enable loading planning even without previous experience.

Loading can be carried out at any time of planning. This means that loading-related data can be determined very early for production. The optional determination of a production number, thus, enables an optimisation of the production sequence!

In addition to walls, roof and floor panels, trusses, 3D objects and purlins can also be loaded. The components to be loaded are conveniently added individually, per storey or across all storeys. Needless to say, additional construction site material or tool magazines can be taken into account when loading.

The set-up order enables users to place the components within a load space as sensibly as possible and in such a way that the elements on the construction site can be lifted by crane directly from the truck to the intended mounting position without intermediate storage required.

The simple determination of the loading and set-up order with the best possible logistical control is a huge timesaver when planning projects. In addition, load spaces, transport routes and crane times are saved.

Load spaces and the loading zones contained therein can be individually adapted in terms of shape and loading strategy. Various load spaces, already predefined by SEMA, can be selected for loading. Horizontal and vertical load spaces with different zoning are available. SEMA can add new load spaces on request. The placement of the elements and components to be loaded is very simple and practice-oriented thanks to the detailed representation and practical aids. The Loading Planning feature displays each load space either in an oblique view, top view or in a side view. The appropriate component is selected from the list of components to be loaded. The loading component is visually attached to the mouse and can easily be placed in the loading zone with a click of the mouse. This is continued component by component until the loading zone is fully loaded or there are no more components left for loading. The determination of loading heights and loading weight also provides optimal control and safety. One or all loading plans and lists can be output on the printer or as a PDF by mouse click.

From Version 20-2 on, the SEMA Loading Manager allows for the easy and convenient creation of entire loading plans along with the optimisation of production.