Stair components on a line

The new possibility of creating handrails, rails, cut strings, filling and balustrading on CAD lines provides stair builders with a high degree of freedom. The input of board components has become even more flexible with the new command "Component on polyline".

The process is very simple. First, a CAD line is set at the desired position of the component. Afterwards, a component, for example, cut strings, can be selected in the Program Selection under stairs and the command “Cut strings on polyline” chosen. In the input line, only the desired line type and its length are determined via a "from" "to" query with three mouse clicks. And the cut string is already inserted in the right place!

This command enables stair builders, for example, to quickly and easily enter a complete balustrading that is to continue directly afterwards. The CAD lines are marked one after the other and after two more clicks to determine the length, the created balustrading is already in place. A dream for every user!

This new function is available as a feature film on the Internet at: