Technical Assistance & Support

If you are looking for technical support regarding the SEMA software, you are absolutely right here. Technical descriptions prepared by our experts from quality management and customer service respond to the most frequently asked and relevant questions of SEMA users.


Here you can find tutorials, guidelines and tips & tricks which help you in your daily work with the SEMA software.
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Hardware Recommendations

Our customers frequently ask for the appropriate computing equipment for the SEMA software. Here you can find all important information with the minimum requirements and recommendations for the work with the SEMA software.
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Vocational Training

Count on SEMA during your professional training and school. With our software solutions which are perfectly adapted to the requirements of apprentices and schools you find the best entry in a successful professional life. The SEMA software Try&Learn is the perfect software package for apprentices and students.
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The SEMA forum is a platform for discussion and the exchange of information. In the forum you find tips and tricks in the fields of Timber construction, Stair design and Facade & Metal Cladding.
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You have not found the right answer to your question? Please get in touch with us.
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