Hardware Recommendations

Good computing equipment will make working with the SEMA program significantly easier and faster. Please have a look at all the relevant information we have collected for you.

Hardware Recommendations (PDF)

The component "Operating system" have been updated.

Latest update: 09/2023
Components Recommendation Comments
Processor Intel Core architecture from i5 8. of the 8th generation, AMD Ryzen architecture from Ryzen 2000 The current SEMA program works best with a 8 core / 16 threads CPU configuration with a high single-core performance. The high end Intel CPU (series X), the server platform (series XEON) as well as the AMD threadripper platform do not offer more performance for the use of the SEMA program.
Memory 8 GB minimum, for major projects 32 GB or higher The capacity of the main memory also contributes to a large extend to the speed of the program. For larger projects we recommend a higher memory capacity.
Hard disk 256 GB SSD minimum or, even better, M.2 NVMe hard disks The current installation of the SEMA program needs a hard disk memory of approx. 4.5 GB. ATTENTION: A slow hard disk or a slow connection to the computer may slow down the work.
Operating system Microsoft Windows 11 or Microsoft Windows 10 from 20H2, 64-Bit version A full Windows version is required for the SEMA program, Windows RT or Windows on ARM are not supported. Other operating systems such as Apple macOS or Linux are also not supported.
Graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 10XX/16XX or as of GeForce RTX 20XX and higher with 4GB RAM minimum and the Game Ready Driver A graphics card with OpenGL 3.3 or higher is required. Graphics cards that do not belong to the GeForce series (gaming graphics cards), such as RTX A****, do not offer any performance benefit in the SEMA program.
Monitor Full-HD Monitor (1920 x 1080 Pixel) minimum, or, even better, 4K monitor (3820 x 2160 pixels) For everyone who works a lot on the computer, a high-quality/flat-panel monitor is a very sensible investment. A two screen solution has a big impact on productivity. The SEMA program allows the transfer of certain program functions from the main CAD monitor to a second monitor.
Interfaces USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 --
Internet connection Required --
Mouse and keyboard 2-button mouse minimum (left/right + scroll wheel) and keyboard with number pad Special gaming keyboards often offer the option to store macros. Special, often used tasks can be allocated to specific keys which makes your work a lot more efficient.
Printer/Plotter Colour laser printer or ink jet printer and/or continuous plotters with 1:1 output It would be good to have at least one colour device. How well the printer/plotter works does not only depend on the device itself but also on the driver and the paper. Please note the recommendations in the manual.

Additional information relating to laptops

Graphics card: We recommend a dedicated graphics card. We have achieved the best results with Nvidia GeForce GTX 10XX/16XX, or RTX 20XX and higher.

Docking station: A docking station can be used for additional USB ports, existing monitors have to be connected directly to the laptop.

General notes

In case of the use of another hardware, the correct functionality can not be guaranteed. In case of the use of a virtual machine (e.g. "Parallels Desktop" on a Apple Mac) the correct functionality can not be guaranteed.

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