Auwärter Platforms and Trailers

The product range of the Auwärter company provides SEMA users with all trailers and swap systems for professional load planning free of charge in the SEMA program.

The Auwärter company is a market-leading manufacturer of high-quality car and truck trailers and swap systems for timber construction. Auwärter's transport solutions solve the core logistical problems for timber house transports. The loading aids are used both in modern carpentry businesses and in industrial companies that manufacture prefabricated timber houses.

Master data for professional load planning

The master data of the 93 different 3D objects can be downloaded from the SEMA data store and installed for free use to enable the virtual loading of timber components.

Work planners are provided with 164 load spaces with separate loading zones for load planning for a wide variety of applications. The master data of the high-quality car and truck trailers, swap bodies and loading aids can be individually adapted to the company's needs in the SEMA program.

The new feature "Anchor 3D Objects to Load Space", available as of SEMA Version 23.4, makes it possible to anchor load spaces with 3D objects such as 3D vehicles or 3D loading platforms/loading trailers for work preparation. Consequently, 3D objects that are anchored to load spaces adapt synchronously to changes.

Via the parameter input in SEMA, the height and length of the required load space can be entered according to the timber components to be loaded. Thus, the master data of the Auwärter transport solutions can be telescoped in the SEMA software analogous to reality.

This results in a perfect analogy between work preparation in the SEMA program and real loading after prefabrication.

If the company's vehicle fleet is shown in the SEMA Loading Manager, nasty surprises during the actual loading are almost impossible.

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Your benefits:

  • 93 different 3D objects for platforms, trailers, swap bodies, stanchions and a lot more
  • Visual load planning for optimal control
  • Allocation of planned timber construction elements for loading aids according to real conditions
  • Availability of the company's vehicle fleet can be displayed in the SEMA program, with minimum/maximum dimensions and the load limit in weight
  • Provision of loading plans and material lists with the sequence for loading and unloading in relation to the vehicle fleet