Byg Reis Deg - Norway is aiming high

At the end of October, the construction trade fair in Lillestrøm provided an opportunity for companies to present their well-established and innovative solutions for the construction industry. The Byg Reis Deg trade fair is one of the largest and most important meeting places for the Norwegian construction industry - it was therefore only logical that SEMA, supported by an international team, attended this fair.

The international SEMA team, strongly supported by their SEMA partners from Sweden and Norway, demonstrated to the numerous visitors to the stand how to make their work more effective by using the SEMA software. 

Manufacturers of prefab houses, in particular, visited the SEMA stand to learn in a detailed way how to easily, quickly and effectively increase production by means of the SEMA products. The SEMA partner for Norway, Martin Bassier, a German master carpenter who had moved to Tromsö many years ago, was happy to convey his passion for the SEMA program with its numerous features also to the many smaller-sized carpentry firms visiting the SEMA stand.

It is a known fact that timber houses have always been built in Norway - but now the Norwegians are aiming really high: In Brumunddal, a small village near Lillehammer, they are currently building the world's highest timber house. After completion, the building will comprise 18 storeys and rise to a height of 80 m. The tim-ber construction will be based on a combination of glue-laminated timer, cross-laminated timber and Kerto laminated veneer timber. The striving for higher goals and the good economic situation in Norway accompanied by rising construction activity - the decision to attend the trade fair has proved the right step for SEMA. The Byg Reis Deg construction trade fair in the North of Europe was certainly a good start for SEMA - the whole SEMA team wants to say thank you to all visitors for the good feedback and the great talks.