Christmas donation to Kinderbrücke Isny

Instead of customer gifts, SEMA Gmbh’s Christmas donation of 2,500 euros this year goes to the aid organisation Kinderbrücke Isny e.V.

The aim of „Kinderbrücke Isny” is to help disadvantaged families and children in emergency situations, to support them in their everyday lives and to assist them through projects.

Fate, illness and overburden disrupt the orderly course of life. The association is committed to providing fast and unbureaucratic help for children and young people. Either through rapid acute help in individual cases or projects and preventive measures that contribute to the positive development of the children or counteract their fears and difficulties.

A network of family support workers and social services, who have insight into the living situation of the respective families, ensure that the support directly benefits the children.

SEMA is very pleased to have found such an exceptionally committed charity this year. All donations are used in the Allgäu region and arrive where they are needed. The association is run exclusively by volunteer members and 100 percent of the donations go to support the children and young people.

For more information about the association, please contact:

Kinderbrücke Isny e.V.
88260 Argenbühl