ELK Fertighaus: Ambitious growth targets thanks to SEMA software

All digital processes standardized in 18 months:
From now on, the ELK Fertighaus GmbH maps all processes for around 1,000 prefabricated houses a year by employing the SEMA software. The standard solution provides data automatically, allows free design in 3D, makes rescheduling easy and is easy to use.

18 months ago, the largest prefabricated house manufacturer in Austria gave the go-ahead for the launch of the SEMA software. A high degree of standardization was needed for the production of about 85 houses per month. From planning, work preparation and execution planning to fully automatic production - the entire process chain was to be integrated into a consistent system.
The rapid introduction of the software was achieved thanks to the simple and plausible operating concept. The software is easy to learn for the end user and very user-friendly in its application. Project Manager Stefan Frasl, Head of Department Design Planning at ELK: "It was amazing how quickly our planning and design team converted the processes to the SEMA software. The output was constantly increased, the processes during the implementation were refined and optimized. Already after less than six months of training we were productive." In September 2018, the first projects and prefabricated houses were successfully planned with SEMA and roof, ceiling and wall were consistently modular. In the meantime, all new projects from planning and design to production are handled using the SEMA solution. The entire building services such as plumbing, electrical installations and ventilation are planned and implemented with SEMA.

ELK appreciates the high added values generated by the new solution. Machine-ready plans and all data are provided automatically. "The execution has been greatly simplified with free designing in 3D. The probability of errors occurring has been minimized again due to the full control in the 3D mode, for example in the case of wall connections. Evaluations and material lists are very detailed, I receive all volumes and parts lists at the touch of a button. Consequently, we can plan with a high level of quality," says Stefan Frasl.

With its subsidiary in Germany, ELK intends to triple the number of houses sold and become one of the top 3 manufacturers of prefabricated houses in Europe. As of autumn, customers should be able to devise their dream home on the Internet using a configurator. "Thanks to the standardization of our digital processes by our competent partner SEMA and the good cooperation, we can set ourselves these goals," emphasizes Thomas Scheriau, Managing Director of the ELK company.