ELK prefabricated houses counts on software made by SEMA

Cross-process standard solution guarantees high productivity

The ELK Fertighaus GmbH, the leading Austrian manufacturer of prefabricated houses, resorts to the long-time expertise of the SEMA software company in the field of timber construction to realise the consistent standardisation of its processes. This results in a significant increase in productivity.

With its three brands "ELK Häuser fürs Leben", "Zenker" and "Hanlo Häuser", the ELK Fertighaus GmbH, based in Schrems/Lower Austria, is the market leader in Austria and one of the leading prefab houses manufacturers in Europe. The annual production is 1,000 prefab houses - a production rate that requires a high degree of cross-process standardisation. ELK continuously invests in the enhancement of its production flow and cross-process work flow. "With the SEMA Group we have found a strong partner with 33 years of experience in timber and prefabricated houses construction. The SEMA software solution provides efficiency from execution planning and material determination to machine control in production, and thus guarantees the highest productivity for our value chain", says DI Thomas Scheriau, head of ELK's Technology and Production department.

Automated Work Steps - Individual Customer Concepts

"With its 3D CAD/CAM software, SEMA offers the perfect solution for standardised processes", emphasizes Alexander Neuss, CEO of SEMA. The SEMA software is adapted to each company and their requirements. All standardised work steps will be automated to a large extent thanks to the modular concept and the sophisticated master data technology for the implementation of normed processes. Alexander Neuss: "Prefab construction is quality construction. SEMA manages to combine the wide range of requirements with intuitive handling." In production, for example, modular elements of the roof, ceiling and wall are quickly created. Creating the machine data for the control of production lines and joinery machines takes place automatically to complete the data collection in a modern manufacturing process. "With the further development of the software solution, we can benefit from synergy effects in terms of the material determination for the work preparation and control of  production machines. A further step towards the digitisation of production.", says Scheriau. The SEMA GmbH developed the timetable for the large-scale project in cooperation with ELK. At the moment, the preparations for the first training courses are underway. The final implementation is scheduled for mid-2018.

"We are proud that our solutions have convinced the ELK Group, the leading manufacturer of prefabricated houses in Austria", CEO Neuss states happily.